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Zamana Art

A Platform for Engagement and Connection

Conversations about Art and Creativity

Zamana Interactive

Zamana Interactive is a workshop series to build human connections for your teams. 

It is a space for engagement and interaction that focuses on creativity and art to bring your teams together in meaningful conversation. 

Reach a whole new level of collaboration.

Watch your teams evolve.

Art Gallery

Art In Conversation

Art in Conversation is a platform for intergenerational conversation. It is a meeting of the minds about the Art that surrounds us in everyday life. It is a safe space to explore concepts in Art and Creativity and learn from the views and lived experiences of our peers.

Join us in Conversation.


Zamana Art is a platform for engagement and connection.

Compelling Art has the ability to make the viewer introspect and reflect. Art can bring joy, stir emotion, and inspire us.

Zamana Art's mission is to bring people together for conversations about Art and its importance in the human experience. 

Zamana Art strives to make Art and creative practice accessible to everyone.