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A Platform for Engagement and Connection

Professional Development and Team Building through the lens of Art and Creativity

Zamana Interactive

Zamana Interactive offers

Facilitated discussions focusing on communication, team building, and creative thinking for organizations and businesses.

Bring your teams together in meaningful conversation. Strengthen interpersonal connections and reach new levels of collaboration. Engage and interact with creativity and art in focus. 


Watch your teams evolve!

Board Meeting
Working Together

Art In Conversation

Community group discussions centering

around art and creativity.

Tap into your ability to think creatively. Make new connections, broaden your perspective

 and learn from the views and lived experiences of a diverse intergenerational community. We bring communities together.

Join us in Conversation.


Zamana Art is a platform for engagement and connection.  Art and creative practice helps us grow personally and professionally. Art can bring joy, stir emotion, and inspire us.

Zamana Art's mission is to bring people together for conversations

about Art and the creative process and its importance in the human experience. We strive to create an open, supportive space to share ideas, encourage creativity, and build community. 

Zamana Art strives to make Art and creative 

practice accessible to everyone. 


Listen Actively?

Observe Keenly?

Think Creatively?

Engage cross-culturally?

Communicate Effectively?

What are the key elements to your company's success?

Hear what people have to say about Zamana Interactive

“Made me really think

about how I view my

work and personal collaborations/relationships”

“Content was really helpful. Engagement was wonderful. The collaboration session was useful.”

“Enjoyed the content and taking time away to gain a new perspective. Will try to use with my staff.”

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