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Why Zamana Interactive!

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

Zamana Art is a platform for engagement and connection. We do this through our corporate program, Zamana Interactive. What is this program and how did it come to be?

At the beginning of the pandemic in early 2020, I was feeling socially isolated and burnt out. I wanted to connect and regenerate with my communities in a meaningful way. As I dove deeper into my own creative practice, I was able to access untapped potential. This helped me in so many areas of my life, which led to the development of the community discussion series, Art In Conversation.

What was apparent during these conversations was that all career paths require creativity. I could see that with remote and hybrid work environments, team members no longer interacted and engaged with each other in the same way. I was convinced that the programming we created could help foster interpersonal connection and allow office culture to flourish. It became clear to me that corporate employees could significantly benefit from participating in our discussions. This was the impetus for the creation of Zamana Interactive.

"Community connections, confidence, and creative thinking blossom in this space."

Zamana Interactive is a program that provides corporate team building through the lens of art and creativity. It is designed to strengthen relationships and help your teams reach new levels of collaboration. Corporate employees gain valuable skills from attending discussions with us. This program will help your teams:

  • Develop interpersonal connections

  • Build community

  • Bring awareness to the importance of creativity

  • Practice creativity

  • Challenge perspectives

  • Think deeply and reflect

  • Inspire teamwork

  • Articulate thoughts and actively listen

  • Practice analyzing and observing

Participants engage meaningfully, guided by specific prompts and visuals. Community connections, confidence, and creative thinking blossom in this space. Creativity deserves to be nurtured, practiced, and utilized to solve problems, adapt, and innovate!


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