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Creativity Is For Everyone

Creativity isn’t just for artists!

In corporate settings, creativity is sometimes sacrificed due to the demand of speedy and accurate results. Companies have to find a balance between allowing time for creative thinking and getting fast solutions. Innovation is guided by utilizing our imagination and ingenuity to make something new.

Creativity is not solely for artists. Creative thinkers are necessary in many different professional and academic fields, and in personal endeavors. It is equally important in the office as it is in schools, public affairs, or social service settings. When working with other people, creative thinking can help you interact thoughtfully, think on your feet, and build team rapport.

You may not be aware of it, but you are already utilizing creative thinking in everyday life. It helps you navigate difficult relationships, make mouth watering meals, and put together thoughtful presents for loved ones. When we allow ourselves to think creatively, we are more alive and engaged. It makes life more colorful!

"You may not be aware of it, but you are already utilizing creative thinking in everyday life."

Practicing Creativity

In order to exercise our creativity, we need to practice using it. Think of creativity as a muscle- the more you work it out, the more it grows! Different exercises or strategies work best for different people. Below is a list of broad practices that you can use to grow and introduce creative thinking into your life.

  • Go to museums, concerts and performances! Take inspiration from other creatives.

  • Challenge yourself to learn a new skill. Start small and be consistent.

  • Have a spontaneous dance party in your kitchen - movement is for everyone and a great way to practice creativity in an unstructured way!

  • Focus on the process, not the product.

  • Have fun! Allow yourself to play.

  • Spend time with children.

  • Allow yourself to fail. Failure is okay, it is a part of the learning process!

  • Don’t let the discomfort of new experiences hold you back.

  • Trust your intuition while being open to new ideas

In addition to implementing some of the broad practices into your routine, we must also remember to take care of our wellbeing. Your mind and body function better when they are fully nourished and taken care of! Giving your body the amount of sleep and nutrients it needs puts you in prime position to function optimally.

We are all capable of tapping into more creativity and expanding our imaginations. Remember that accessing your creative potential may not happen overnight and the process isn’t always linear. Growth takes time!


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