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Creativity Package

Conversation Topics

Creativity and Nurture

As children we are curious and creative beings. We are excited to play, invent, and create! How do our relationships with Art and Creativity change as we grow up? Can or creativity be nurtured just as easily as it can be forgotten?


Creativity and Mindfulness

Nurturing our creative process is a critical element of problem solving across all fields. With the fast pace of the world around us and

the multitude of stimuli we are constantly taking in, mindfulness can help us see through the haze and focus our minds.

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Creativity and Confidence

Confidence allows us to trust ourselves and the creative process, giving us the courage we need to explore the unknown, try new things, and find new solutions. Just as creativity can be nurtured, confidence can also grow and

develop over time.

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Creativity and Collaboration

Through collaboration we are able to expand our thinking, learn from our peers, and build relationships. It can be integral to the creative process as we work with others to innovate and solve problems.


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