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Art and Perspective

As children we are curious and creative beings. We are excited to play, invent, and create! How do our relationships with Art and Creativity change as we grow up? Can or creativity be nurtured just as easily as it can be forgotten?

Art and Abstraction

Abstract art can be thought provoking and may evoke emotions we may not expect. At times we may struggle to understand the artist’s message. The allure of abstract art however is that everyone’s experience is based on their unique perspective, imagination, and interpretation of the work.

Art and Tension

Tension is a reality of our daily lives and it impacts how we experience the world around us. Artist often express this reality in their creative mediums, bringing dynamics and excitement to their work. Join us for an engaging conversation to discuss the different elements of tension in Art and how an artist creates or depicts those elements.

Art and Reflection

The concept of reflection can be defined both physically and cognitively. Reflection is a physical process where light, heat, and sound strike and change direction. It is also the deeply meaningful process of understanding self and instigating change.

Art Show