About Us

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Our Vision


Zamana Art is a platform for engagement and connection. Compelling  Art has the ability to make the viewer introspect and reflect. Art can bring joy, stir emotion, and inspire us.

Our mission is to bring people together for conversations about art and its importance in the human experience. 

Zamana Art strives to make Art and creative practice accessible to everyone. 

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Meet Our Team

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Fehmida Chipty, Founder 

Fehmida Chipty is a Boston based physician, photographer, and facilitator.  She has a passion for engaging with people of all walks of life and connecting them through meaningful interactions. Through her medical career, artistic practices, travel experiences, and community service projects, she has the opportunity to connect with people across generations, cultures, and communities. She founded Zamana Art in 2014 as a platform for engagement, connection, and social impact. 

She started the Art in Conversation series started in 2020. This series began during the COVID19 pandemic with a vision to bring people together in the discussion of Art and the creative process. In the setting of individual and workplace isolation, this series has become a valuable interactive experience.  Recognizing this critical need for meaningful conversations, Fehmida is committed to bringing this series to a wider community forum and workspaces that want to enrich and connect their teams.

Fehmida believes that engagement in Art and the creative process is not an indulgence, but a necessity that allows us to understand ourselves and the ways we interact with each other.

Aliza Franz, Creative Director

Aliza Franz is an artist, collaborator and arts manager. She graduated from Skidmore College in 2020, where she earned a double major in Dance: Performance and Choreography, and Psychology with a minor in Gender Studies. In addition to her arts management work, Aliza is currently a company member of VLA Dance and pursuing other freelance endeavors. Though dance and performance art are her primary mediums, she also holds passions for photography, embroidery, and henna art. She previously held an Arts Management Apprenticeship with Dunamis Boston, where she had the opportunity to help produce Jamaica Plains Porchfest. She is currently working as an Arts Manager for Zamana Art, and through this position will continue engaging with others in conversations surrounding art and creativity.   

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Karen Olson, Art Consultant

Karen Olson is a lens-based artist working at the intersection of human emotion and the natural world. In her figurative and nature-inspired work, Karen uses conceptbased projects to explore the human-nature connection and its role in fostering mental health and communication. She seeks an open dialog with subjects such as grief, trauma, empathy, and forest immersion. She illustrates these multi-sensory experiences with two and three-dimensional works. As a creative mentor, facilitator, and consultant, Karen Olson helps artists and small business owners bring their projects to fruition. She is active in supporting non-profit arts organizations using her skills as a graphic designer and web consultant. Karen works from her home in Hope, Maine, offering personalized instruction in photography, creativity, and technology.