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Zamana Interactive
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Practice and

Cultivate Creativity

Improve Visual Intelligence

Build Confidence

Transform Your Teams

The new workplace paradigm is here to stay. People are working in living rooms across the nation and the world. We no longer share the same physical space and are not connected personally.


Zamana Art engages people in meaningful discussions guided by specific prompts and visuals about creativity and art.  Communication, connections, confidence and creative thinking blossom in this space. We offer a platform for expression in a safe and supportive environment, building team dynamics, listening and visual skills.


Our Approach

  • Practice and cultivate creativity

  • Improve visual intelligence

  • Build confidence

  • Inspire teamwork

  • Foster community

  • Challenge perspectives

  • Think and reflect deeply

  • Articulate thoughts

  • Listen actively

  • Adapting to new workplace paradigms

  • Cultivating interpersonal connections

  • Cross-cultural communication

  • Motivating employees

  • Improving communication and collaboration

  • Learning to adapt to changing circumstances

Virtual and In Person Programs 

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Zamana Interactive Programs

Creativity Package

Understand and nurture

the creative process

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Visual Art Package

Connect visual art to life experiences

Creativity and Visual Art Package

Explore both art and the creative process.

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