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Perspective Matters

Art surrounds us. The way we see determines what we consider to be Art.  The Art we are drawn to teaches us about ourselves. Thus begins our conversation.

Nurturing Our Creativity

As children we are curious and creative beings. We are excited to play, invent, and create! How do our relationships with Art and creativity change as we grow up? Can our creativity be nurtured just as easily as it can be forgotten?

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Art In Motion 

Often times we think of motion as an active mechanical process. This conversation will challenge us to think beyond the mechanics of motion. Motion can exist in stillness depicted in photographs, paintings, sculptures, and other captured fragments of time. Join us for a conversation to explore movement in visual art.

Creativity and Mindfulness

Nurturing our creative process is a critical element of problem solving across all fields, including artistic practices. With the fast pace of the world around us and the multitude of stimuli we are constantly taking in, mindfulness can help us see through the haze and focus our minds. How do mindfulness practices enhance our creative process? We hope to see you for this hour length discussion and mindfulness exercise!


Art In Tension

Tension is a reality of our daily lives and it impacts how we experience the world around us. Artist often express this reality in their creative mediums, bringing dynamics and excitement to their work. Join us for an engaging conversation to discuss the different elements of tension in Art and how an artist creates or depicts those elements.

Creativity and Discomfort

The world of comfort is the world of the known. Without some discomfort how do we reach new places and seek the unknown? We hope to see you for this hour long discussion and creativity exercise! 


Art and Light

The presence, absence, or placement of light can effect how we perceive and experience what we see. Light take many forms, from the colors that we see, to the radiance of the sun, and to the brightness of our phone screens. Light is the essence of photography. Join us for an hour long conversation to explore visual Art and light.

Creativity and Confidence

Confidence allows us to trust ourselves and the creative process, giving us the courage we need to explore the unknown, try new things, and find new solutions. Just as creativity can be nurtured, confidence can also grow and develop over time. We hope to see you for this hour long discussion and creativity exercise!


Art and Reflection

The concept of reflection can be defined both physically and cognitively. Reflection is a physical process where light, heat, and sound strike and change direction. It is also the deeply meaningful process of understanding self and instigating change. Join us for an hour long conversation to further explore reflection and its effects in visual art.

Creativity and Collaboration

Through collaboration we are able to expand our thinking, learn from our peers, and build relationships. It can be integral to the creative process, as we work with others to innovate and solve problems. We hope to see you for this hour long discussion and creativity exercise!


Art and Abstraction

Abstract art can be thought provoking and may evoke emotions we may not expect. At times we may struggle to understand the artist’s message. The allure of abstract art however is that everyone’s experience is based on their unique perspective, imagination, and interpretation of the work.

Creativity and Lateral Thinking

What is lateral thinking? Lateral thinking is a practice in creativity. It allows us to bring original solutions to difficult problems across all disciplines.

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Art and Portraiture

Portraiture is an ancient art form that has continued to evolve overtime. These captured moments contain endless stories and reveal intimate details about the subject and the creator.

Poetry and Individuality

Everyday we make conscious and subconscious decisions about how we portray ourselves to the world. Through these choices we express our unique identities. Embracing our individuality helps us build a stronger sense of self, form stronger connections, and live authentically.

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Creativity and Failure

Failure is something that we have been taught to fear however, it is not always a bad thing. Failure is actually an integral part of the creative process. Through failure, we can gain new information, learn more about ourselves, and build a deeper understanding of the problem at hand.

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