Zamana Interactive

Transform your Teams

Engaging people in meaningful discussions and helping them connect in human terms with each other will change your team dynamics and productivity.

The new workplace paradigm is here to stay. Teams are working in living rooms across the nation, and across the world. We don't share the same physical space as we used to and we are no longer connected in personal terms.

Zamana Interactive will cultivate interpersonal connections and promote collaboration and creativity. 

Consider the packages below and contact our team.

Virtual and In Person Programs are available.


Series of 3 conversations to understand and nurture the creative process.

Creativity and Visual Art

Combine the Creativity and Visual Art Series to bring Art and Culture to your teams.

Visual Art


Series of 3 conversations about visual art and its connection to  daily life  experiences.

"I most enjoyed looking at art in a group setting and listening to other people's impressions and thoughts about what we were looking at."


I learned that thinking out of the box and going out of one's comfort zone are important in doing any kind of great work.


"Although I do consider myself a creative, I do not identify as much with being a mover or a dancer. This most recent session regarding art, motion, and stillness allowed me to safely explore and develop my relationship with movement, and forced me to confront these topics regardless of my level of 'expertise' etc. This session allowed me to expand and almost redefine my definitions for motion/movement compared to stillness."


"I think I am certainly more inclined to find art and beauty in thoughts as well as expression and more so also look for it in the process as Fehmida defined creativity to be."


"Our discussion of 'confidence' helped me to pause and think about the word in relation to creativity in a new way I hadn't before."